Commercial Property Maintenance

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Our team maintains commercial properties both large and small and work within the parameters of your budget. 

You’ve made an investment in your business and your property and you want to make a good impression. Your business’s property is a reflection of the quality of service you provide to your customers and tenants.

Once spring hits, your gardens take on a life of their own and grass and shrubbery can get out of control quickly. Platoon Landscaping will be first on the scene with a team of trained maintenance professionals. Top notch equipment and training combine with creative services and solutions will have you looking great right through the year!

Condo and Property Managers Love Platoon Landscaping.

If you don’t respect your property, why should your tenants.  Overgrown hedges, weeds and unkempt grass just encourage tenants to disrespect your buildings and your grounds. As your maintenance partners. Platoon Landscaping will ensure your property is kept in optimal condition. We will not only enhance your image but will work also to protect your investment.

Our services for commercial clients also extend to construction services and can include; walkway and path installation and refurbishment, driveway installation, and even the addition of bollards where high vehicle usage is an issue and a concern for property protection.


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